Non-binary people?

Aug 2020
When did the designation of non-binary person come about? How can a person be neither male nor female? Is this more a quality of wanting to invent ones role in the world that isn't stereotypically male or female?
Mar 2020
What I understand.

It emerged from the broken family model and the sexual revolution.

There has always been sexual divergence, but as I am a genealogist, I've only been focused on traditional family models.

For the people who did not marry and reproduce, there was homosexuality, male and female, and promiscuity.

Roe vs wade was intended to fight the forced keeping of rape children I believe.

But abortion became legally available as a recreational tool for sex without consequences.

Then came pornography.

Then came the idea that some men and women were better than others.

Then came bullying and sexual pressure under the guise of pornographic standards.

The victims of bullying who had shorter penises or less attractive women threw off bullying with nonbinary sexuality.

Homosexuals wanted to be taken seriously as they were always considered the jokers and fools as reflected in most premillennial movies.

Then came the pride movements.

Later compassion drove the more heterosexually attractive men and women into the nonbinary movement.

Then came sex changes.

Next thing you know marriages grew increasingly out of style, and the fewer of those the less possible for there to be any.

The conservative/liberal activity since wwii can be all linked to this topic.

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