No pressure, No engine?

Mar 2020
I'm not a mechanical expert, but I'm pretty confident that engines don't run without pressure from heat.

Psychology attacking pressure and politics attacking business deletes pressure. So nothing ever happens.

Please allow pressure in psychology somehow.

Everyone telling me to try to do something without pressure. I seek out and trick myself into pressure just to do anything at all. Please allow me to pressure myself.

"Pressure is evil and mean. Only badguys pressure."

Only badguys do anything therefore. And I don't want to be a good guy therefore because badguys always win therefore.

No pressure no engine. Get education. Stop killing pressure. You badguy. You try to destroy all production. You evil. Hazard to humanity. Break all engines. Engines are Nazi. We should never have engines.

Good guy retarded faggot. No pressure on butthole. Jedi destroy production. "Call it good. Disney God. George Lucas his prophet. Worship death. Death good guy."

Fix the damn engine!

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