Newbie to this forum but I have a BA in Psych

Mar 2010

I am new here. Im usually on mechanics forums but now I have a 9 month old son. Is this a good forum to discuss childhood experiencs.. Any and all tips appreciated.. Nothing is wrong per-se with my son, I just want to be aware of the knowledge I learned it college, If you dont use it you loose it. And although I have worked for several years in the PSYCH field it was with paranoid schitzophrenics, not a good case study for this[glow=red,2,300][/glow] situation


May 2008
hello and welcome. :D

the forum is definitely the place to ask questions if it is about relationship with your son their is the relationship forum and if it is about what your son is thinking feeling or how he is acting then general psychology will be the place.

oh.. and the effects of society and raising your child in this world would be society and culture forum.

you may also be able to share your experiences working in psych in one of the mental health forums.