Nerve activity

Mar 2020
I don't want to be the psychology villain, but I was diagnosed with anxiety when I was afraid of driving back to my apartment because something bad happened there and I hated it.

My psychologist gave me busperone which was great at the time.

A year ago I moved to a different town and I kept taking the busperone.

It was making me go braindead.

I just want people to understand that nervousness is important. And not everyone's actually got inappropriate anxiety all the time.

Once you go brain dead with anti anxiety pills it's impossible to work to make money and pay your rent and you go homeless and die of hypothermia or go to jail for being forced to tresspass on public property. It's pretty much illegal to sleep if your homeless.

The psychiatrist asked me if my medications were ok, and the braindead felt good so I didn't complain. I had been telling my psychologist the entire time that I couldn't get anything done, not even brushing my teeth.

There was never some sort of proffensional intervention to take me off antianxiety pills.

I though I was pretty smart, but because I had no chemical perspective. It took me a year to realize I needed to stop taking them.

I'm afraid targeting anxiety in general should be a very delicate business. We don't want everyone to be incapable of working.

There's not enough social security for all America. We sure learned that the hard way.

Nervousness helps me think about what I haven't done and get myself to do things that I have to get done, or else.

Isn't there an "or else" after all?

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