Apr 2021

I started doing my PhD and I need help with literature. The theme of the work is negative media exposure, so people who have experienced personal offensive media coverage through their proffessional roles and they are emotionally, verbal, abused (the consequences of this are trauma, stress, burn-out, impact on family life and career).
I focus on the victims of any abuse (sexual, physical, traffic accident victims...) and how these victims responded, what the consequences are, what relief strategies they have chosen. It often happens that the media is brutal to individuals. Their names remain permanently online and accessible to everyone as it harms the individual and his family. It also affects an individual’s career or job search. We are also interested in how family members experience it.

In the second step, I am also looking for questionnaires asking victims exposed in the media (like Verbal abuse questionnaire, The impact of event scale...) -
you can suggest some kind of questionnaire to measure stress reactions?

I wonder if there is any research about media- exposed individuals (I’m not talking about celebrities)?