need help !

Nov 2020
thanks for your reply !
when it comes to do activities (like a social activities ) i am oftenly not invited by others to assiste to their activities ! i mean there is a lack of consideration from there part for me !
sometimes i am simply kicked of from soccer games or some other social activities . and i have this feeling like i am treated like a stranger by ma familly , they don't share with me stuffs like they do with each other ! it feels really bad ! those are ideas that get evoqued when i have these feelings .
Aug 2020
Well, on my side I alway say hi when I'm done.

I guess you have a journey to travel, but I also think your emotions will teach you something. I guess situations attract feelings, so what you are feeling is a result of the situation that you are in. I mean if you had money you could just visit a sex worker often to clean the gabbage bin, it will stimulate you to look around for nice girls to keep you company.

Remember I am not saying buy sex, I'm simply throwing an idea to you as I move towards greeting you. So your situation is what you need to tell us so that we can find you the right solution.

Your strong emotions will continue to bother you until their trigger is eliminated. Hi.

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Nov 2020
thank for replying !!
so you are saying that these emotions will keep bothering me until i find their trigger !
have you an idea about how would i find their trigger ??? i mean like test to do or something like it ??
Mar 2020
My method.

Write down the source of the problems and examine them. Write down the sources of the sources etc. You can do this on your own. Then drop the things that you think are important which bother you or seem unachievable currently. You can come back to them later. When you find yourself comfortable you can rebuild the things that are important to you and live by them. Then you will have a firm identity to not betray.

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Nov 2020
Thank God there is an end to problems but never problem solving. 9 years ago, 10 years next May 12 I ended up in observation with neurologist and psychiatrist trying to find the reason for my dementia. After three days they decided I had a terrible reaction to a drug I’d taken for almost 11 years. I was weened, in a most awfull way from the drug and slowly placed on another drug. Then around May 23, I was wheeled into the parking , transported to, and admitted to the behavioral health hospital. There I spent several weeks while the old drug was expunged from me, and dosage of the new (drugs) was determined. Eventually after two years on that very old and strong drug I was placed on a newer drug. I remain on these two drugs 8 years later, and an antidepressant added. I’m fine today because of a great professional team of doctors all at the same hospital. I’m fortunate to have one of the best hospitals in the Midwest nearby! And in the process a great psychiatrist and outstanding PhD therapist! Today I’m reasonably happy. I highly recommend getting the best care. If you are withou money or insurance, these places often don’t charge. Please look for the best!

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