Music and Information

Apr 2020
Disclaimer: this is just a shower thought, and it might not have any basis in reality.

I was thinking about why we listen to music, and how we somehow evolved into an animal which enjoys music. It makes sense that auditory senses triggers emotional responses, as we would need to be able to pick up the emotional meaning in the sounds from another animal. I imagined that in a way music is hacking this connection. What I realized is that it's important for the signal to both clearly have intention (as opposed to noises from non-sentient objects) and to actually convey information. The fact that the signal has intent is conveyed through rhythm and melody (the fact that the pitches are related by simple ratios such 1:2 or 2:3 might also indicate it's produced by vocal cords) as it's unlikely this order would be produced without a sentient being attempting to convey something. I imagine that there may have been a sort of co-evolutionary process between being able to signal and pick up information, and this would only be possible if there was order to distinguish it between other sounds. However, this is balanced by it actually having to convey information. So the same beat just repeated could be used as the base for music to tell us "Hey, listen up I'm telling you something!" but without other stuff it's not actually conveying anything so we don't generally enjoy it. I imagine this balance could play an important role in music with extremely predictable pop music on one end and avant-garde noise on the other. I also imagine it might have to do with the process of setting up and then switching a pattern which plays an important role in music -- first it indicates there is intent, and then it breaks this to tell our brains that switch is conveying something important. I'm guessing (knowing almost knowing about information theory) that this could relate to information theory.

I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this. Thanks!
May 2020
Hey, I´m quite interested in whatever info/explanation you receive from this forum. I have my understanding, based on the meta-psychology and drive theory, of how/why humans conceptualize and create music. All these leading to the explanation on how music work as a bridge between all that is hard to process for humans, and the establishment of what we, as human beings, experiment naturally as a species.
I found interesting what you say because that lead, contemplating my perspective, to the understanding of not just music, but art as language that is more in tune with the evolution of our system (biological and sociological) than with our reasoning (as spoken language tend to be).
Hope you find this interesting enough to take the time to extent the dialog. I´ll be happy to explain my point of view is you are interested.
Thnx for the time reading this. Greetings.