Motivation vs Belief.

Mar 2020
I just read that motivation and belief are opposites. This makes sense. Motivation relates to feeling bad about yourself, and kicking yourself in the butt constantly to do a better job. Most employers want a person who does not believe in themselves more than a person who does. The whole employer employee relationship requires that the employee considers himself a "piece of shit" in order to improve his production until he burns out and dies.

The common trend I cannot unsee in recent times is that employees argue that they make terrible family men and that their kids look at them like old socks and their wives can't stop cheating on them with jigaloes. The employee demands more rights because the employee requires that he believe he is sufficient in order to impress his family and become the "cool" dad.

On top of it. The kids are learning socialism in school which orient's around nothing but your butthole and skin color, making them believe in themselves, but destroying any possibility that they will ever satisfy any sort of businessman, who understandably requires that he must have the 10% best employees in the world in order to not suffer lawsuits shutting down his business and destroying his dream of providing necessary sustenance to the neighborhoods, which these kids must be able to do or die.

As a result we get the assumption that the USA does not owe $21 trillion to China, and we all decide to go communist because we assume that the government has enough money to give everyone for free even though there will be no possible way to produce and destribute food.

So the increasing belief in certain men and the desire to become like them for everyone, requiring everyone to want to believe in themselves "just the way they are" forces people to out do themselves until everyone is an employer and no one is a worker.

On top of that, the fear of nazi ghosts tells us we shouldn't obey anyone but only do what we want to do and just don't want to kill anyone, or dislike anything at all, or you are an unforgivable person.

So the idea of utopia is basically: everyone is a boss with no employees, and no one ever gets killed.

And the ultimate solution is: everyone die.

That's what you get, when you tell everyone that they are "perfect just the way you are" and "do what your heart tells you."

See you on the other side. Hope there's something there, or accept that you are a piece of shit and try to stay alive?

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