Motivation Theory

Mar 2020
As a man who was raped I have a theory about my lack of motivation.

This is not politically inspired. I have been raped and I earn against homosexuality as I blame it for all my problems.

Arousal is pressure on the prostate. Consequently a broken anus results in sterilization. Therefore there really is a difference between homo and hetero sexuals even if the man was raped. A homosexual can only get aroused when his rectum by the prostate is pressured by feces or other things. The spread of homosexuality not only removes violence, but it also deteriorates motivation. "Manhood" is motivation. When the anus is broken and pressure permanently released from the prostate, a man loses motivation and cannot be motivated by his desire to express "manhood." Therefore it is natural that women cannot rely on him. As well he cannot fight and win wars. A society that celebrates and spreads homosexuality is doomed to lose all wars.

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