Malpractice in psychology

Jul 2021
What are your views on malpractice in psychology? In some places psychology is not considered a real science, but personally I was watching this video about someone named Dr XYZ on Narcissism, and I thought it was a genuine practioner video, but he calls in the video a histrionic a communal narcissist and also calls highly sensitives as covert narcissists. Now, Idk what's wrong with him, as Idk him but he claims to be a narcissist. I got confused because if he was a psychologist which it turned out he is not thankfully, he'd be making a misdiagnosis and that would lead to a malpractice. There were many complaints by people who claimed to having been at his "show", which btw that also is weird, as how can you have a show with real patients, I presume it is confidentiality, but what I didn't understand is whether he actually makes diagnosis on tv, or not, because if you are not registered you couldn't make a diagnosis, you could say, I think that is what you have, but must be assessed by a clinician as mostly say. I know I do post a lot of stuff on my social media about psychopharmacology and although I am registered it isn't a diagnosis, but yes, in theory I could also, but let's assume I wasn't registered I think I couldn't be able to advise, from my understanding. So Idk why someone unregistered is allowed to practise in television, and especially when they fall flat on their faces and post stuff that is incorrect, and that could mean a potential misdiagnosis of a group of people 20 percent of the population, who are highly sensitive. And in fact he said himself "the covert narcissist is hypersensitive", but then it looked awkward that he would compare other high sensitivity traits such as not wanting to confront the person, with hypersensitivity, and that made me really confused, perhaps I misunderstood, however it seemed he hated on the highly sensitives, I may have misunderstood but it came off that way as some things he was saying it seemed he was angry at some highly sensitive person, which is not ok, in general from my understanding, as the highly sensitive person never does anything wrong, so as someone who understands high sensitivity it made me a bit sad, to witness that, as it made me feel like he could be a psychopath for taking his anger out on some random fellow HSP. I don't know if that is the case, but a lot of the traits he was mentioning and calling them as covert traits, seemed to actually describe a potential sensitive person. Then I later read he is Irish, so having been a victim of Irish organised criminals it made me question what's wrong with the Irish? Are they all that way? I did help many Irish in the past, but some Irish are organised criminals, so I don't know why would anyone harass highly sensitive people. And yes, some traits seemed like projections too, but I think it seemed he had been questioned as a professional, from my understanding by a potential sensitive person, or covert narcissist it's hard to tell because the video was a rant and not much of a clue, but it made me feel like he was angry at me, as I was following that page, and I was posting some information on organised crime, and he seemed to be mentioning some things on my page, that made me a bit creeped out as cyberstalking is illegal in Europe because mobsters do it, but I hope it wasn't the case, but some people are creeps and especially online so you never know, and perhaps they are relevant in some areas of the world, but really I am not accusing him, however, it did make me wonder if he had been stalking my anti-irish mob posts and decided to retaliate... I don't know, how Irish are hired in the US, but I guess there's a pretty good reason. Someone had questioned why he had been hired, a lot of people have recommendations, and I have seen Irish women and men stalk and commit crimes everywhere they go, spread racism and play the victim and that is called "the irish mob", but not much of an accountability there, and that is why people question how someone who doesn't know the difference between high sensitivity and narcissism, but then it said he had been involved with a politician on another video and hence how he got hired and then you know, but some politicians maybe are not very good assessing personalities. I do hope it is true he is not harming people with a misdiagnosis, then ok, however, it is still defamation and cyberstalking to harass people and it is not considered normal behaviour, now hopefully he was stalking some real criminal but as a former victim of Irish psychopaths, I have my reservations, and especially when they are the ones who are always racist, and they taught racism around the world, but honestly, if you look at their face, they have no reason to be racist. I think you get the good and bad practitioner in some places, but yes it did made me wonder because if you have a corrupt practitioner then that is going to be a lot of trouble for good practitioners as they might find their environment toxic due to this person, so I have no idea how in the US they manage to keep certain clashing personalities separate, but I would rather see someone like that get retired and give the job to an unemployed. He was mocking unemployed people, well with people like you around, I am sure there's going to be lots of unemployment, so I don't understand why nationality is a factor in hiring someone, but even just recommendations. Maybe he manipulated the politician or told him what he wanted to hear to get a job, who knows, but that won't mean he genuinely liked the politician and that he is passionate about his job. Someone who is passionate about their job is passionate about colleagues, and treats them well, he doesn't stalk them and makes microaggressive posts about some random stranger online who claimed to be a victim of irish mobs. And there are regulations on facebook even if a post mistakenly became public and not private, if the settings are set to private, then you have no right to stalk someone, you already have no right to stalk people online as it's cybercrime if they were public, but even more of a reason if they were private. Then he went on a rant how he was more gifted than other people, and that just gave off the envious vibe towards people who were unemployed and who became talented. According to him only some people (my guess is fellow psychopaths) deserve a job, and others don't, these people hang out with all sorts of psychopaths and then end up being one, because they have no filter, and then of course you can't see people past your nose and harm others, and commit crimes against others and violate their human rights, but your nose isn't particularly attractive compared to some models or other people in general, so it's really weird. Sexism is always justified to them too. Some people would be a celebrity whether that meant being famous or infamous, it doesn't matter it seems. Hopefully he gets his karma, and what he gives to others goes back to him and so he understands how bad it is, but read they live 89 years or something and it's tragic. Someone is outdated and causes trouble change them, as the narcissist says, narcissists are far better than psychopaths, I respect narcissists and other PDs I don't respect psychopath. Really empathy doesn't help in these cases you are just spoiling them more and more and making them more and more entitled. I also saw all psychologists claim he is not good. Not knowing him Idk whether someone is good but yes, I did go with a good thinking mindset, but honestly then it turned out he had lied about everything and even stalks your posts, and Idk this person is just a red flag. My question is does malpractice in psychology really exist and what countries have adopted psychology as part of their legislation? I had a very good therapist, but she wasn't Irish or anything like that, and she actually taught me a lot, and for instance I had been told by many psychologists anyway, that malpractice means no assessment, and in organised crime you get psychopaths who don't run psychological assessments and thus not to trust them. However, it's still heartbreaking to know that malpractice can happen, I feel bad about that, but it is the fault who hires them based on their nationality or whatever political reason-liaisons they have instead of by how competent they are. I mean at least the self-awareness of saying, "look as a narcissist I don't understand people, and as a narcissist I perhaps need some training on the highly sensitive person concept, as well as on regulations and on what is allowed". Generally people have values, narcissist lacks values, and so they stalk people.
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