Male, female

Mar 2020
I have a theory. I based a lot of my ideas on the idea that there are four neurotranmitters. Epinephrinephrine and dopamine (male, liberal) and nor epinephrine and serotonin (female, conservative)

I built this idea to make sense of a world where I was raised chronically as a conservative mamas boy in a liberal masculine dominated area. I was always never understood and accused of being gay.

Does this make sense to anyone that these neurotransmitters might determine a person's gender role? Are all mamas boys "sissies" Because they understand the female attributed of fear and joy? While all men's men are straight because they're inherently depressed and energized?

I imagine there is an absolute need for crossover. In order for any cross gender relationship to work.

I believe that this manifests into the political system as well and is probably why America has two parties.

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