Low self monitoring, and social interaction.

Jul 2020
I have a tendency to not distinguish between my public face and private face. I don't play up to people, I act authentically and express my real views. I do have tact, and drop subjects when they're not really listening or getting it. (I used to explain to them what they missed) i also have NVLD.

It's my understanding people, in general, feel emotionally authentic when people accept them, and intellectually authentic when they express their actual views. I can't stand betraying the latter. I've also always been relatively aggressive, as I matured it went from physical aggression to having a sharp tongue.

Have any tips for a low self monitor to improve his odds of success, without betraying his values? I tend to be objectively correct, but pushing for the other person to recognize that just damages the relationship.
Mar 2020
I'm sorry. Biggest conundrum I have ever come across. You need a person who loves you in a way that they will let you shine. You will probably need to find a very "unauthentic" or submissive type of person who will allow you to "be yourself." This is why introverts exist and we should not abuse or try to change introverts. They have a critical role in allowing people to shine. As psychology attacked anxiety so hard that they tried to "break everyone out of their fearful shell" they attacked a critical part of the sociological ecosystem, which would have thrown the entire world into a living hell.

As far as making deals with people. A deal is "I give you this. You give me that." You can learn how to be an expert trader with just that concept in mind. Trade is the basis of all relationship and peace between anyone. "I do this for you. You do this for me." "I do this for you. It makes me feel good. It's free."

The only edge you have on trading is giving people what they value. The more value they get out of you the friendlier they are to you because they always want to trade cause you give good deals.

Respect yourself. You can at any time "cancel trade rights" if someone tries to hurt you. Or if you see a mile away that they are predatorial. Or if you have plenty of trade partners and your value is too high. Or if your out of time for them. Or if you'd rather do something else.

Those are the basic sociological steps that I understand that might apply to what you've posted.

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