Lover relation - confusing

Jan 2021

I'm in a extramaratial relationship with a girl (surgeon) for 2,5 years. Since the first time we've met, we are hopelessly in love with each other. She is also in a relationship and has 2 kids. For this 2,5 years, we really had ups and downs. She broke up with me for 3 times in total. Last time in august 2020. We had a great time together, me saying i love her and even moved out, and we both felt great. Few days after our meeting, she suddenly turned ... and making a fool out of me ... real bad. Suddenly, we were in a nice talk .. and then in seconds she turned. She stopped what we had (on whatsapp), really acted bad (went very deep and even about things that went and were great), told me i'm not the right guy .. saying she needs something else in her life. But at once she asked if we can stay good friends. Devastating ...
I really didn't understand what happened. Till now she is in contact. If i'm quiet, she is there. So for sure she is thinking about me. I'm sure what happened was based on miscommunication and assumptions. I was ALWAYS nice and stable. I don't know what to do. She wants me to keep in contact, but doesn't want to meet me anymore. I truly love this girl and want to do everything for her.