Looking for a therapist - where do I start?

Jan 2022
I'm looking for a therapist for my little sister who is 20 years old. She has been prescribed venlafaxyn 150mg and I am concerned that her depression which she has been diagnosed with is in fact worsening. I am not a specialist so can't tell her to come off this prescription, nor can I know better than her psychologist but I have done some research on this drug and it looks like it's not recommended for teenagers/young adults as it considerably increases suicidal thoughts.

I am looking for someone we can see in private as an alternative and get a different perspective.

Any recommendations on where to look/who to contact?
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Jul 2021
I am not sure. I'd say from personal experience to check with a clinical psychologist, and to avoid legal psychologists (they are not real psychologists and only give you a diagnosis based on political reasons, and not based on scientific objectivity). My psychologist was a clinical psychologist, however, I interacted with a couple of them who were also very good and one was a doctor with an extra degree in psychology, one was a trauma psychologist, and he for example taught me what stalking was and he was the one who recognised I had trauma from stalking, but I think that was the beginning of the trauma, as it got really bad until yesterday. I also saw two or four psychiatrists, but only interacted with one, one was biased initially and was slightly suggestible, and was a legal psychiatrist, the other one was a clinical psychiatrist and she was very good too, and very competent, which Idk if it is common for a psychiatrist but it was interesting. I would say that clinical is the way to go in general, also I worked as a clinical pharmacist in the beginning, and I noticed much of the knowledge I had was from the clinical setting, as you see a lot in hospitals, and even transferred what I saw there and applied it to communal settings where instead of saying Idk, I was competent to say I know and that is why most hospital-dischargees would drive all the way to my pharmacy to get medications and advice, as I had a level more of competence which is nothing but confidence really, due to the clinical awareness, which maybe is a bit different in the community pharmacist who mainly checks, even if checking isn't that easy either, I mean it may be easy for we clinical pharmacists, but it's not so easy, it is difficult, you couldn't take a patient and ask them to do that, necessarily.
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Aug 2021
Austin, TX
For starters, is her therapy covered by insurance? If so, find a provider on the insurance plan. If no insurance is involved, shop around and talk to several before deciding on your choice. You should be able to set up free initial consultations, discuss history, current meds and diagnoses, and where you hope to go. Then select the therapist you or she is most comfortable with...
Good luck,
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