Looking for a book....

Jul 2014
in a house
Hi. I'm new here on this forum as of today. I have exhausted all other option I can think of to find a book I've been looking for for some time now.

A couple years ago I was having a conversation with another lady in her sixties. We were discussing how we knew some women in our community that were in their thirties, married, had children, homes, etc. However, they were very immature. I don't mean like childish. I mean they had the mentality of high schoolers. They were very giddy, couldn't really hold in depth conversations with other mature women, jealous of their husbands (even if there was no reason to be) like they were teenagers dating, and many other things.

The lady told me that there was a book the discussed how adults sometimes never got past that high school mentality and offered it to me to read and try to figure those ladies out. I have since lost contact with the lady and have no idea how to find out the title or author of the book.

Now, I'm sure there are hundreds of psychology or personal growth books that deal with this topic. However, I'm just interested in reading up on it and was wondering if there was someone here that had read any such book.

Thank you for your time,