Laughter and Mental Health?

Sep 2020
Hi everyone!

I am an employee of a non for profit organisation that offers to mentor young individuals in Australia and I am helping a colleague find information on the topic of mental health for a future publication.

We are looking for information regarding whether the act of smiling/laughing has been proven to benefit mental/physical health.

Through thorough research, I have been able to find small amounts of evidence through journal articles, however, been unsuccessful in discovering proper data.

The reason we are looking for proper data on this topic is due to the fact that Dr Craig does not want to publish any content to his audience unless it is proven through proper research.

Is there any chance you can lead me to any reputable articles/meta-analysis/peer-reviewed articles that can give me some more information regarding this topic? Any leads would be greatly appreciated and it would go towards shaping the future of this organisation.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

P.S for more information on what we do you can visit the Doctor Dan Craig website here: Doctor Dan Craig | Mentoring | Motivational Speaking