Is this stress or intuition

Jul 2021
So the premise is that I am a victim of organised crime. I was hacked and I received a confession last week. Three days ago a professor muted me during a meeting, or someone he knew did that, and I therefore couldn't interact with him, thus he asked me to call him to ask him the question, which I then thought it was strange but I did as other people had done it before. I then called him and the day after I find the special units waiting for me at the train station. I never told anyone that I was going to be there at that time, so I suspected my phone had been hacked by them. It turns out it may have been hacked but nobody understands by whom. Some say it was a mobile provider who provided my whereabouts to the special units, which is possible, but it makes no sense, as Idk anyone from the mobile provider and especially not from the special units. Nevertheless the phone was hacked yesterday, but the question is by whom as it gives me a worker for the phone provider as a number and not the special units. If it was a special unit hacking, I'd expect them to hack you, not ask someone working for the provider to do that?

Do you have any explanation for this? I don't. Nevertheless, it is possible I may have been wrong this one time. I feel like the stalking made me crazy. I am otherwise fine, but it's strange that I feel this way after this supervisor told me he had been stalking me last week and spreading rumours about me to potential employers and also I was attacked in the past because of these behaviours, but I don't understand why would anyone intimidate you like that, just based on what they have been told. Is it possible that after a while you start becoming crazy or is it impossible. Is it possible that this professor really provided your number to others, and won't say he did? Or is it possible he was hacked too? But I can't explain why my microphone had been muted, specifically and I hadn't provided my number to anyone else. Can these situations drive you nuts? In the sense, crazy? Or am I still doing well? I have not dissociated, but I am sort of forgetting the bad stuff, sort of. So far I had never been wrong, but it could be I am going nuts too, no? After all these stalking incidents maybe I am going mad. It doesn't help that I kept being gaslighted, too, so that causes me to doubt my sanity. Example my dad gaslights me even when he is wrong, but the fact is he is not a programmer so when I explain him things he then figures he was wrong, but maybe invalidation is bad for your brain. If all evidence points at something, then isn't that what the answer is? Could the answer be something else? And I do think of possible scenarios but again then things did happen. Are they all coincidences? Is it possible? We were told transnational crime exists, can't it be transnational crime?
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