Is the self-doubt caused by gaslighting

Jul 2021
So the premise is my former supervisor was involved in organised crime as he was the son of policeman. He used to gaslight me sometimes when I'd get dragged in unpleasant situations that had nothing to do with me, and he'd then tell me and his other victims "that none of that was happening". He did have a really bad temper and I presume he'd treat people in a really poorly manner which would cause discord, but then drag others into those arguments and blame those others, I was one of those others, and became his favourite victim, he was extremely racist and envious of me too, as he was of other people. Noone knew he was the son of a cop. My other supervisor knew and he'd engage in crime too. Nevertheless I reported a hacking and it's still being ignored as I was contacted by another corrupt policeman from his team. It's gross they even contact you. Had to have a lawyer tell him to stop harassing me, as they do so confidently thinking they are going to get away with it. They think they threaten people they are going to get away with it, but all the sheet they send me is just evidence. In the meantime, people keep dying because of these "bosses", while their idiot drug addicts keep taking the fall, which they do deserve, but not alone. Nevertheless it is up to the State to get him not to the victims. The issue is their State doesn't get him, then he lies he loves Joe Biden, when he actually against politics. Psychopaths lie a lot, and yet they hate all politicians and the State they just copycat their victims of stalking to make themselves look normal and to gain favours. Nevertheless, he has blood on his hands, and I know.
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