Is oversharing normal or a result of absorbing "environmental emotions"

Jul 2021
I feel sometimes I share too much about others, and then I feel I should keep it to myself, but I only share once I decided the individual was toxic and basically did bad things to me. It could be my brain is trying to compensate for the "delusion" that the person is great, when actually was terrible to me, and it could be oversharing is a way to diminish the damaging effects of trauma? So, could oversharing be used to detect trauma early in order to prevent it later on? Also, maybe trying to keep the peace, and avoid the fight, and acting responsible in a way you are not gonna be reckless, still it is a struggle that your body wants to give in to revenge, not care and cut contact and fight the individual back, but you try to control it, and it is exhausting to do that, when someone really deserves at least a few mean words, but I find avoidance extremely healing instead. Anyone else can relate? Revenge for me is "destroying their reputation back and telling everyone what they did to me", but I have never done it, however sometimes I really feel they push me to do that, when they keep targeting me, and I now understand perhaps why HSP is really "the enemy" of the psychopath, because we can't keep quiet and whistleblow too much. It is ok with strangers, but it's harder when it's someone else we might know that acts erratic and wrong. I do think health wise it is best to expose the narcissist, but legally it is wrong, so it's a strange paradox. The psychologist venue would be ideal, but then again, it depends on where in the world you are, and also the willingness of the individual to go get treatment and at the same time, narc or not, consent is important in medicine, so it's not so easy with narcissists, who care so much about their reputation, so it would have to be someone who enables them in the end which will never lead to healing, because they are so obsessed with being right. But I did try something else yesterday that worked, basically manipulation, although it was not good for me. It's sad that you have to put your life on hold for these individuals that really just could heal themselves were they a bit more intelligent, instead they refuse to do that, and just want others to assist them. What I did is showing how manipulation is stupid. Basically the narcissist had a toxic addiction to his mobile which he even used to cheat so while cleaning his mobile I moved it elsewhere. The narcissists I have noticed try crazy making techniques and then gaslight you, so I did that, naturally I did it playing on his addiction too, which is his weakness and I put it in his room. Then he began accusing me and stuff and I said "you are imagining things, why would I do something like that?" it showed the addiction to the mobile and it also showed that he is unstable. So it's easy to manipulate people like the narcissist does, and it took me 5 minutes, unlike his daily consumption of trying to ruin this person or that person, and I showed him, I hope, how stupid his antagonism is, and how unfruitful. So I played on his needs, but at the same time, you must wonder is this me looking into the abyss and the abyss looking back at me? It is not easy to maintain your morals and values if you begin playing these games back, but it did work for today. He began acting like an independent individual instead of a parasite. I am still worried what's going to happen at lunch time. I also rejected any of his forced favours yesterday I didn't want, i.e. he'd buy me stuff (hoover) which I kept saying no. I had cooked, and he went to buy takeaway to basically bait me further. It's a strange sick psychology and they all act this way. I don't manipulate back because I care for people's health, but this way he understands his health is at risk now, and that if he keeps abusing me and putting me health at risk I am not gonna be nice and forgiving any longer and not do it back. But yes, it's sad that you must act like them, and you always worry it might become a habit once you adopt a toxic behaviour, even if it is just once. But I am not going to manipulate again, I just wanted him to stop causing me problems, as I lost a whole week due to his abuse. It was my holiday week, instead of being relaxed and healing and taking time off, I was disturbed and infuriated by his behaviours. Now Idc about what he does whatsoever, which is the acceptance phase I guess. I also noticed he is surrounded by narcissists, could he be really the outcome of a society gone awry? So many questions, that are there and that we never know how will be solved, but what about those people like me that prefer to act morally and resilient to the bad things in the world, we are proof that it can be done too, yet so many keep succumbing to destructive and self-destructive (stupid) patterns of behaviour, just because it is "popular".
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