Is it possible?

May 2011
Marble, N.C.
Sin()e we were born, our world is bombarded with pi()tures noise ()alled language and our
e()perienes as a baby to adulthood. Put all this together in a memory bank and we have reality?
()ould the brain learn and adapt from these e()perienes and ()on()ude this is reality? This is also rote learning. If the mind is a mirror of the brain then the brain ()an learn and understand. Question is the brain and mind ()on(0ious of itself?

I have only one voi()e I hear I spe()ulate it is me (I) my ()on()iousness. Using observation and language and our e()perie()es to me these realities are our tea()hers? Thoughts please? pljames
Oct 2012
I believe reality is quite relative and that our experiences throughout our lives are the ones which define it. Our senses take the information, process it, store it and then decide what belongs to where. If you take dreams, for example, you might also find yourself pretty aware and nevertheless incapable of differentiating between the dream world and your reality. Moreover, you would even believe that this new world was your real life.

I used to be a lucid dreamer and I've experienced lots of things which made me conclude that the dream world was reality until I woke up.