Is it possible to deal with the Esoteric MIND by using the brain?

May 2010
Is it possible to deal with the Esoteric MIND using ones brain?

The brain is physical, and the is not physical. So how can one use ones physical brain to deal with the Esoteric MIND? The fact is, one cannot do so. The only way to deal with the MIND is to do so from within ones own MIND... which can only be accessed via ones intuition, which one may or may not be capable of accessing. And rarely so without specialized help from a fully competent psychotherapist who has himself discovered and eliminated substantial repressed traumata therefrom.

Open to discuss, or course.

May 2011
Marble, N.C.
I can't answer that question. I still can't get any answers on intuition. Is intuition physical or esoteric? Is the sixth sense the same. I see I understand that's physical. I think I understand that's esoteric to me. We are born and raised physically. Since love is a emotion then there's the esoteric part. The conscience is esoteric to me. The mind as well. Karma still is a mystery to me. One does good get rewarded ones does bad gets penalty.

That's all I know about the other side. It's extremely hard to understand the other side when we are born and raised physical. I once had a OBE and that sense has always been my search for again. My emotions are as close as I can come to any esoteric plane. Paul