IQ is just a number?


Nov 2020
So I have been watching Jordan Peterson present his arguments about how IQ is more or less the be all and end all. Quite compelling except...

1. In real life I have observed personality traits are more important than ability. Some examples are someone who is not very good at a job but is very agreeable, doesn't is supported and kept in the job.

Most jobs involve us being cogs in a wheel. Very few people have a position in life where their ability trumps their inability to fit into their respective part. Not even the President of the USA. See Trump who's jarring persona created 4 years of constant resistance to his presidency.

2. Flynn effect.

3. I downloaded the Mensa app. I scored 118 on the quick test. 122 on the hour test then a whopping 135 on the quick test (which involved new questions). What does this tell us other than you can become better at taking tests? Nothing

So, IQ, means very little in terms of practical application in an individual's real life as we live it.
Mar 2020
I agree. There is so much in the universe. Everyone is very unique. Conversation always dries up. There is always misunderstanding... This is all proof that no matter how 160 einstein you are, even if everyone was 160, einsteins greatest accomplishment was saying "if you rode a bike the person walking appears to be going slower than if youre standing?"

Retarded today!

I bet einstein would have died in the streets if he weren't given free food and shelter. And he obviously wasn't doing great in Naziland. Why didn't his iq put him on top of Hitler?

We had to drop an atom bomb on Japan? Why didn't we just talk them out of it?

Why are so many people with high iqs depressed and lonely? Why can't they fit in? Doesn't that show some serious social retardation? Why was I called a retard for getting straight As in highschool?

The variety of knowledge well overthrows the idea of iq. And I'm thankful it does or we'd have one person telling us all what to think and we'd have to worship him.

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