Introduction to the psychopathic life

Nov 2009
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This is why Iggy Pop and the Punks spat on eachother. Dirt. The dust. The lowest and most despised thing; that puts us level with all, the common denominator.
that an individual feels that they have to degrade themselves in order to be equal is evidence to me of a dysfunctional thinking. why not allow other beings to be as they are and not have to compare them by equity of worth?[/quote]
This is an interesting point. While reality is right in front of us, we often do not see it. It takes a terrible loss or devestation to realize that we are not the ego that we project, either for others or for ourself, I mean lossing ones family, home, money, spouse, etc.

the judgements of the psychopath lack the compassion and empathy required to make judgements that involve the welfare of others.
The psychopath can read others like a book.

This is gonna knock your socks off, but we also maintain that homosexuality, pedophilia, depression, and schizophrenia are choices.
hey, i need to cut my toe nails. apparently that was an astounding revelation. did you also know that homosexuality was taken out of the DSM about 30 years ago.

peoples lives are more than choice, four labels that you present here are little bit more complex than a matter of choice. speaking as an individual that has had two of those labels and worked clinically with all four of those labels.
Let me guess: depressed-homosexual? Schizo-pedos and depressed-homos never understand eachother!
Nov 2009
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please try to write something that is your idea and not a cut and paste?

What? And why?

(PS: You may take anything, I claim nothing as mine.)


May 2008
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glad you made the journey to the other side.

How are your life-outcomes now?
i am not sure outcomes is a word i would use. perhaps because i see myself as an organic process, there for my outcome is measured in terms of progressive fluid movement. obviously i am much happier, i am still pretty unsociable, but accepting that about myself i am happy with that, and people are generally still attracted to me despite aloofness. my goals are not much different i always wanted to make changes in my world (my sphere of influence) now my means of changing the world are different so my relative objectives are different. i did used to see myself as an artist and therefore a messenger, i now see myself as a healer - educator of individuals on a personal level with my relative objectives are in that direction.

"that an individual feels that they have to degrade themselves in order to be equal is evidence to me of a dysfunctional thinking."
This what it is all about i feel, dysfunctional thinking and i feel Vana is trying to elevate it to an art-form.
which in itself is the epitome of dysfunctional thinking. illustration, thinking is dysfunctional but not recognising it as such distorts their experience further by applying irrational beliefs arrived at through dysfunctional thinking to their world view in order to contextualise for self processing their own experience arriving at the conclusion that everybody else has dysfunctional thoughts and irrational beliefs, thinking of themselves "i am a genius, and a free thinker, unfettered by the shackles of the enslaved mindset"

Dysfunctional thinking has consequences and often there is envy towards people who make different choices that produce more positive outcomes.
Dysfunctional don't have properly functioning lives which is why they are called dysfunctional.
envy perhaps, resentment perhaps, when people have irrational beliefs about the world the result is dysfunctional thinking and this will result in dysfunctional behaviours. so the reaction to other peoples choices and the outcomes that other people produce will often be a reaction from that distorted experience.

As you say,
"the judgements of the psychopath lack the compassion and empathy required to make judgements that involve the welfare of others."
This important stuff ,a real distinction.

Frankly it is no fun being the psychopath most of the time and certainly no fun being in their area.
As we get more experienced in life we understand the difference between an interesting life and a dysfunctional one ?
and of course their distorted experience results in a reaction that seeks to validate themselves and invalidate others. such as "i am the only truly impartial judge"

The psychopath will happily shit in your bed just for a laugh or burn your house down
and the will blame you for being there .
It is never their fault.

The whole idea of the punk revolution was the idea of a Malcolm McLaren a hyper respectable semi-academic who made lots of money out of what ever he could.
He picked the most inept stupid and talentless people and created modern pop-culture .
He admitted in an interview it was more or less done for a bet and there was no artistic sincerity involved .
and i think he said people should not read to much into it.

dont know about punks! O0
Aug 2009
McLaren the creator of various musical fashions ,Bananarama,SexPistols-Punk held the musical world in contempt, so i find it amusing that punk is held as a example of free thinking when it was a fabrication.

Beyond personal validation and justification exists the fact that some people are just a waste of space and can't do basic things like have harmonious relationships.
Causing strife where ever you go is not an art-form.

Vana seems to think being an arse-hole is a kind of better way to live?
Dysfunctional is just that, not being able to function.
And i often wonder why we tolerate people who cause grief and my excuses for it?

Jun 2009
Have you met a psychopath? They're actually pretty interesting, just not in the way you describe. What you describe is some kind of Kurt Cobain cartoon character nobody above the age of 25 really wants to be.
Aug 2009
I accept the notion that a sociopath can be interesting , from a safe distance.

When you are on the receiving end it is different and not a matter of curiousity.

People get hurt, loose money , swindled and lose their marriage and worse through violence, sometimes ending in death.

Defending the other position is pretty stupid , since it implies taking away the rights of the victim?
Criminals have often more rights than the victims it seems?

Vodoo is wrong in thinking we should glorify these mother feckers and obviously lives in a plastic world .
These people cause harm.

Jun 2009
All those things are true of ordinary people as well. All ordinary people cause hurt throughout their lives, many swindle and cause marriages to fail, and many ordinary people commit murders - however, glorifying psychopaths is the other extreme. I neither said nor implied that, only that they are interesting - and not just from a distance. If you interact with a psychopath knowing they are a psychopath, it's quite stimulating.
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Jul 2021
I find them really "weird" not in a good way in general. Ordinary people don't commit murders, only psychopaths do. The cluster b who harms back the primary psychopath is actually committing self-defence, except unfortunately that doesn't work, which is why I always advise them to do otherwise, because primary psychopaths live in areas that allow for them to walk free in society without any repercussions, probably because they themselves are psychopaths-criminals, why else it is called organised crime? It is an organisation almost of people, a group of people. It's easier to catch the psychopath if you do nothing at all sometimes aside from reporting them to a lawyer, but generally avoiding them is the best, as their existence is a measure of how that particularly State has failed its people.
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Nov 2021
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I find them really "weird"
Lol, shut up you judgmental little bag of halfwits.

Ordinary people don't commit murders, only psychopaths do.
So everyone who ever committed a murder in history was a psychopath? You are such an insanely retarded, narrow minded twit.

their existence is a measure of how that particularly State has failed its people.
Your existence is an example of how ordinary people can become Nazis by dehumanizing specific groups of people.