Inter-Family Romantic Relationship

Mar 2020
San Jose, CA
To think this pandemic is not the root reason for my romantic relationship being broken off is bizarre. Is there is problem, being that I am human and I met a human just a few months ago that is my sister-in-law’s younger cousin, to have a romantic relationship with her? Not biological family, but family bounded by lawful actions and statements. I’d love more perspective for I can’t wrap my head around the problem.

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Jul 2021
I think that would depend on the legislation. In many countries it is legal, but Idk elsewhere. Hope this helps. Best to check. I would say in those situations it makes more sense to get committed into some type of marriage, rather than other types of relationships, but it really depends on you, and on whether you know what you want, being that you are still quite young. As an example me at 25 and the idea of marriage were just unconceivable at age 25, by the age of 29, yes, it made more sense.