Implications of Transpersonal Psychology

May 2008
The implications of this transpersonal view are radical. Nature and human become relative but limited distinctions, not final. Fundamentally, there is no nature and there is no human. Rather, being is characterized by unlimited creativity, awareness, presence, and the richness and beauty of its myriad forms. This view values all forms of being, recognizes a ground of emptiness, and points to a transcendence of both emptiness and form. Action is revealed as a caring reflex responding to the suffering of the psyche and the destruction of the ecosystem. Mindfulness, contemplation, ritual, and direct contact with the world are the core practices for this awakening and development. We deepen our realization of our true nature, being awakens to itself more fully as, and through, human nature, and ecopsychology becomes a foundation for a path of self-realization and full development.