I want to be myself, but Psychology contradicts it. Why?

May 2020
Reading Psychology articles, I learned we need to avoid telling people what we strive for or what we do in our free time because this strikes pleasure and our mind does not differentiate between what is real and what is not when you tell it, is the same sensation if you already achieve that goal you are striving for, as a result being a counter-incentive to act.
Keep your mouth shut, and let your actions tell, this will motivate you unconciusly to excel more acting than telling.
If someone insists on asking what do you do in your free time? Tell him a general response, never tell him what you do to satisfy this premise of Psychology.

Here comes the confusion:
Then another article advocates the importance of being yourself, I want to be honest with people, If someone asks me what do you do in your free time? I want to be honest, treat people the same as I treat myself hence telling what I wanna strive for.

How I should apply this knowledge? Should I be myself?
I follow the guidelines of Psychology? What I do???
Mar 2020
Nobody wants you to be yourself especially not psychologists. Honestly psychologists get sick of their patients because they're people too. They only want to get paid to get the patient to think about what he himself is saying out loud. The whole point of psychology is to get people to overcome their own problems. No one is overcoming your problems for you. And no one is living your life except yourself. So "talk" is just a form of entertainment and self discovery, it has nothing to do with connection at all. The only form of connection is combining dna with a member of the opposite sex and being responsible to shape that child's psychology.

Honesty is great and can take you to eternal life in my opinion, but Christianity and honor and honesty are unpopular now. We must not be honest if we want to make others happy.

Nobody wants to know who you are.

I'm sure youre a great person with a wonderful life and that your story is something to be proud of. But I recommend you spend much more time focusing on money than being understood. Eventually you will be able to pay someone to love you. I mean that honestly. If you can pay someone's bills to the point where they cannot live without you, they will whole heartedly love you to death, and they'll be willing to understand you, if you understand them mutually.

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