I Wanna Post My 1st Real Comment But I'm Absolutely Disgusted By All This Spam.

May 2022
To the people who run this crappy looking website: How do you people expect me to take this Psychology Forum website seriously when you allow all this spam? This website looks very untidy and unprofessional. Is there nobody here that moderates all this spam? After coming here and seeing all this spam, I'm now having second thoughts on whether or not I should post my first real comment here. I fear that if I were to post my comment, that it would soon get drowned out and placed at the bottom of the page thanks to all this spam that you obviously happily allow to flourish here on every discussion board. Could somebody please tell me of a better psychology forum website where I could post my comment that won't get suffocated and swallowed up under a huge amount of spam? Thank you.
Aug 2021
Texas, USA
Good luck, I have not seen a moderator on line in over a year! I sometimes wonder if this is not just a social media experiment...