I have persistent severe headache and jaw pain that never goes away

Jun 2021
Hi, i am 22 years old male. i have persistent severe headache and jaw pain from 3-4 years. this pain becomes worse sometimes when i was depressed. 4 years ago i was in severe anxiety and depression and 4 at night i feel brain jolts. some days later i started feeling headache that increase with the passage of time. since then i have started to have many symptoms like stomach upset, sensory issues like weird touch sensation when someone touches me, brain jolts while asleep, dizziness, chronic constant mouth roof pain, upper teeth and upper gum pain. i don't know what's wrong with me. my CT-Scan is clear. I feel many sensory issues. I feel strange sensation in hot and cold air in my body. I can't explain this sensation. Sometime I feel burning sensation in body. I feel bad when i touch my head. Please tell me what's wrong with me, GOD will bless you.