I don't understand who I am.

Apr 2021
Hi guys,
So I have this idea of an ideal personality I would want to become. Because it is in line with my career options and a better me. So all my actions, which I do now, I try to align them with the future me.
The problem is, I feel the present me is very different in terms of personality and personal choices. It is a conflict. Between my present self and future self. And I don't know if anything my present self has, is worth it or not.
I am so centered around the future me, that I have totally ignored the present self and sometimes I end up chasing things my future self would rather not.
So I wanna ask, whether my approach is feasible? I am not very sure about the person I am now. I always define myself as the person I want to become. Is it okay?
May 2021
Seattle, WA
It appears that you are struggling between who you are and who you want to be, If this is the case it very well may have everything to do with honesty. I’m not sure if you have had any issues with honesty in the past but my suggestion for you to listen to how you feel about what you do, what you want, and what you like, then be honest with yourself by asking the question “why do I feel that way”. Don’t let a job define who you are, you could be left deprived which opens up a huge can of warms.
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