I don't know who I am (serious)


Mar 2021
I don't speak english very well, so I apoligize for my possible mistakes.

I don't know how to start...
Everything is strange and confusing for me, like if my actions and thinking didn't interfere with each other.
It takes a lot of effort to me remembering things about my life. My memories are like on the other side of a translucent glass. There is some kind of unability to distinguish between memories that are actually real and the ones that aren't.
My memories are something like "a memory of a memory". For example: If someone talks about something that happened to him, one imagine or visualize that situation as if he/she was there... That's how I perceive my memories, and I'm not sure if they're real or not in most cases. A person is the result of his experiences and memories, and that leads me to the sensation of not knowing who I am, like if I've just appeared yesterday in this world.