I dont know how to handle my situation

Jun 2021
Hello, I would like to get some help in the situation im in right now as I do not know how to handle it.
I keep getting praise from practically many people around me for many things I do which I might be slightly better at then the average person
I look at myself as a lazy person with not much going for him and the praise makes me feel like if I make a mistake it would be humiliating and I would look like I was a someone who was all talk when those expectations weren't set by me and I got attention I didn't even want.
Jul 2021
Be courageous in accepting your own truth of imperfection; after all, nobody is perfect. This may take some time to do, depending on your personal history.
Then you won't have to be fearful of being vulnerable and/or exposed. You may get caught out now and again, but you would have learnt by then that humility is not bad enough to fear again.