I did everything to get the researcher job, I hope I won't get blamed, because if someone is a consul and breaks the laws what can you do

Jul 2021
I had an offer of a job, but I did provide all the documents, I wrote and called them, but they don't give you a response nor a clarification, then understanding that the UK is bad too, and that they behave badly, and it isn't your fault, you did everything, to get the job, but when the consul acts inappropriately what can you do; I even lost a lot of money because of it too, and imagine someone who is looking for full time employment can't print money either, so I don't understand why this is the situation. The consul sits on his warm chair and warms it, by stealing people's money, and the American put him there to do that for those and yes they offer you jobs but it's like it isn't a real offer, since the consul is there to harass you, because is british. I did do everything, I guess it is out of my control because it isn't my job to tell someone to do their jobs, and not commit crimes on office hours, it is those who hire them, so yes, people die every day, but that is why, because these people are hired instead of those who work. I hope to find a job elsewhere, unfortunately this is the situation now. Idk why would anyone hire a British consul when they have the reputation of theft and extortion instead of getting things done. The worst people have jobs, how is that possible. Idk what hardworking people are supposed to do.