I can't cope up anymore

Jun 2020
I tried to contact a counsellor but she didn't reply. And now i have no hope in anything. The things that used to excite don't matter to me anymore. You already know about my parents. There is still tension in the house. They aren't talking to each other. And I have no hope in any solution, advice or therapy. I am praying for them, and that's the last hope left. I am getting so tensed due to all this. I keep getting angry at my parents because they aren't talking to each other. And also i get angry at my brothers. They again and again irritate me. Taking advices on board, i e-mailed a counsellor but they didn't reply to me. Here, I don't go outside my home that's why I can't go to seek any counsellor offline. Also i don't have any savings so can't afford the paid counsellor online. I just can't talk about this tension to anyone in my house. I know they won't take me seriously.

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Mar 2020
Perhaps the tension can't be erased, but perhaps you can be more comfortable in general for your own sake.

It sounds like you have a lot of fear.

I can't help you get what you want, but as far as my experience. Adaptation was the only tool I had.

I hope no harm comes to you.

Because this is only a forum. My perspective may be completely not what's going on in your house.

I can only say that when my parents didn't talk to each other and I was living with them because I had no other choice. I became like the little boy I was when I was living with them in high school except I didn't have any responsibilities to keep me busy.

It basically gave me brain damage.

But it was what I had to do. I had no option.

I was only with them 3 months but it took me a long time after I moved into my own place to recover from those 3 months.

When I was away from my parents was when my parents started respecting me enough to listen to me slightly but just enough to help them.

It sounds like your family is very severe.

But I understand that you have no other option.

I can't give you any practical advise.

I can only speculatively guess that you know what to do.

I'm afraid I shouldn't even post because it appears you are very vulnerable right now. And if I were to tell you exactly to do something. You said you were taking people's advice. And this is a forum. And I am not a professional.

If it was my last advice I gave you that hurt you, I am mortified.

If there is something that you can do to adapt if you have absolutely no other option. I do reccommend adaptation, as a person who does not see what you see.

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Mar 2020
I dont want to be on the morning news as the unlicenced forum creep that gave a vulnerable young girl in a dangerous situation the wrong advice.

You titled your post.

"I can't cope anymore"

You said you can't afford a professional.

I will give you my UNLISCENCED OPINION from my own experience with domestically violent parents.

Play non violent computer games
Read college level books
Keep a strict schedule
Be a servant in an unignorable way
Earn trust and respect
Be who they arnt and need
Engage them gently in unrealistically polite meaningless conversations.
Make friends with astranged relatives.
Journal so that you can reference it later
Don't complain seriously to avoid worsening the tension
Try to hold on to something that will that will keep you moving forward.
Stay calm
Don't hurt yourself.

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