I am aware of me.

May 2011
Marble, N.C.
Life can be a mystery. Especially ones self. The world seems to come together when one discovers he/she exists. Psychology has opened my eyes to understand that I am more than just what I see. I have knowledge and awareness of where I am what I see and why. The only question I don't know is why I am here?

I have all this knowledge but now what? At my age and with no degree what do I do with all this knowledge? In the back of my mind it tells me to share it so others will not live in ignorance as I have done. In that way I have given my knowledge to others so they to might not have the trials and tribulations I have had in my life.

Is that a good thing? I see and understand why people think and do and believe what they believe. Psychology has shown and taught me this. Social change does not come easy for some folks. It didn't for me. How can a psychology hobbyist tell others about feeling better about themselves when they themselves are under some stress without being sued? pljames