I am anxious and having panic attack

Jul 2020
I was talking to one of my aunt yesterday.She has a lot of money but uses a very cheap phone.One time I said,lets go..I will buy an iphone for you.She said okay.I told her that I don’t have any money and when I will have money I will give her iphone.I said that for being nice.I don’t want to give her iphone.She has a lot of money but doesn’t use them.She hasn’t gifted me anything ever.I said that out of nowhere that day.
Now I am having panic attack thinking what if she wants that phone when I will have money.I really don’t want to be used by her or anyone.
Sep 2020
Good ol' Earth
Bah bah, tarof mikoni

If you are still worried about this, this is what I have to say:

Whether what you said was just a politeness, whether or not you actually meant it, you know what you meant. That's first.

Second, even if you meant it, you may not agree with it later. This is different from simply changing your mind because you don't feel like it. Your word is important and if you can't keep your word to others you won't be able to keep your word to yourself, which would be a problem. However, you may genuinely believe that it's not a good idea even though you gave your word; for example, I myself told my brother one year that I'd get him a certain laptop for his birthday. Months passed and his birthday was near when I noticed I had miscalculated my finances. I still could have gotten him that laptop but it would not have been wise. He was upset. But my integrity was intact, I stayed true to myself and really did what I thought was right. That's the essence of keeping your word, it's basically just doing what you think is right at the time. Don't worry if what you think changes; we are always learning and improving; we're never today who we were yesterday. Don't worry about betraying your aunt, but never betray yourself. If you never betray yourself, you will never even be able to betray others.