Hyper Categorization

Mar 2020
When I studied classic poetry in high school I learned how to read between the lines. I got really good at this and applied it to everything. It gave me schitzophrenia paranoia.

On the other hand I was able to learn real things very fast because I could easily associate between seemingly unrelated topics and invent new ways of understanding.

It is lazy in my eyes for popular culture to try to complicate the world by categorizing everything. People are categorized and encouraged to be different based on their attributes. And these categories go to war with each other.

I understand that there have to be competing factions, but I would attribute this to willful ignorance.

I've posted in a lot of other forums and have been removed from them or ganged up on based on my scientific explanations which disproved the existence of sepration between humans. I believe the unity of humans to be a good thing.

I understand that the unity of humans is a threat to all leaders of factions who profit from conflict. And in order to preserve myself I must respect the current segregations and not initiate negotiation between segregated forms of humanity, whom I believe to be exactly the same.

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