How to Train Your Depressive Friend

Feb 2021
So here’s the thing

My friend has never been the kind of person you’d call “depressive” until recently. They keep saying they are a piece of useless garbage making all the wrong choices; and when you ask them “wanna talk about it?” - they just say no. With a face like you just asked them something completely inappropriate. They will skip parties with our other friends, the only explanation being “it’s complicated”. They will go to clubs and concerts alone. They will get mad at your jokes about them being a “lone wolf”, and immediately say “I’M FINE BY MYSELF”. They will often share depressing or aggressive music tracks in our group chat, and angsty pictures on social media.

Our gang is kind of worried, and the question is, should we get our friend checked by a professional psychologist? Or maybe there are some magical words we can use to get them share their problems with us?


Feb 2021
I’d let your friend be. If he wants your help he will ask you for it. The best way to improve a relationship is showing you have faith in them and respect their freedom to live how they want.
Mar 2021
Hi there
He is definitely depressive and he tries to hide it. I suggest to you to see this video that can help you know your friend more: