How to stop thinking too much? Am I crazy?

Sep 2021
Russian Federation
These thoughts about your movement, and how you look to others... it's exactly what my hosts would all do. They also would think constantly, to distract themselves from the trauma.
You sound like an alter to me.
In fact, you sound like you are in the "what am I trying to figure out" stage of the process. I remember going through this.
You are okay.

These things don't happen to people unless there is trauma. ...and you sound just like two of my alternate personalities.

You aren't crazy.
It's some of the first symptoms I had while splitting.
It takes a long time, so you have time to stop it.
Break the cycle.
You are okay.

Is anything stressing you out at the moment?
Stressing out? Maybe the university, that's all.
I almost don't remember a thing from my 5-14 years. It's kinda odd, actually.
Yeah, my diet sucks, I procrastinate a lot, no medications, no coffee. I'm beginning to think that the problem started because of my terrible sleep habits. I wake up at night and go to sleep in morning
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Jul 2021
Because if someone never ever thinks about the trauma, at all, they never commit it to long-term memory. The memory never finishes forming.
True, :) however in adulthood it is somewhat healing instead (not thinking about trauma), and in fact one of the methods used to recover from traumas experienced in adulthood.