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Nov 2021
Hello everybody!
I really need your opinion on the issue of building relationships with your loved one .

Relationship building is a complex process that requires significant effort on both sides. Here you need to take into account your psychological characteristics, the characteristics of your partner, and also ability to change yourself.

Statistics and studies show that not every couple copes with it and not everyone succeeds in building quality relationships. It can be seen from open sources that about 60% of couples who got married at the age of 20-25 end up getting divorced. At the same time, the average time spent in marriage for people who ended their relationship by divorce is about 8 years. Accordingly, we can conclude that building relationships requires not only time, but also understanding how to do it correctly.

My team and I decided to create our own mobile application that can help people greatly satisfy their partner and build harmonious relationships.

The idea is simple: a person passes a series of psychological tests, on the basis of which a list of simple tasks is formed for his partner that must be performed daily / weekly / monthly.
For example, if it is very important for a person that his partner devotes enough time to him, then his partner's tasks will be: spending weekends together, traveling, returning home on time after work, etc. Completing these tasks you will be able to better understand your partner and satisfy him as much as possible.

What do you think of such an application? Would you be interested in trying it? Is it real to solve such an issue with simple tasks?

I am also attaching a few demo screenshots of the product below, the link to our Instagram profile is below:

Thank you for the attention!


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