How to find the perfect university

Nov 2020
Hello Everybody!

Some weeks ago i read an article about altered states of conciousness and i got really hooked into the issue. I realized i wanted to learn and investigate about concioussness so i continued reading about it and transpersonal psychology, chamanism, use of entheogens.. etc.

I decided to start the psychology degree in a official spanish university because of the movility restrictions, but i would love to know which are the universities in the world which are more focused in those fields. I would like to have this information to look for ways of studying there (erasmus + , or maiby going there directly). I have no clue about how could i get this information. I´ve checked that many of the papers i found about this were from southamerican universities, but i would be really glad if i could get more information about where are people working on this, or at least, a method in order to get that information. That would be useful also for people who want that information for other fields of psychology.

Thanks everybody in advance.