How human brains develops? (thinking, personality, etc...)

Sep 2010
Hi everyone. I wasn't sure on where to post this - personality or general psychology discussions.

Anyway, I'm wondering, how human's mind is developing? I mean, how the personality forms?

I have heard, that human is born with certain temper. Then his personality is forming until he is some days or some months old, mostly from their parents. After that period - his personality is having a crisis, from ~13 to about 18 years old, when finally his personality forms and cannot be changed.

I know some of this information is not true, and the other part - I cannot recall exactly.

So the question is: how is human personality developing?
May 2011
Marble, N.C.
I agree with thirteen to eighteen. That was my worst years. I feel that time damaged my understanding of the hell I was going through at that time. I am to old to change. It still haunts me today (sixty eight years later). I love knowledge but it has to be understood my way! And getting my point across is exstremely hard for me because of my fanaticism to be understood. Thoughts please? pl