How do YOU deal with depression?

Jul 2021
Severe Depression is a living hell. I know because it is a symptom of my condition called Schizoaffective Disorder. Fortunately the antidepressant I take has worked well for me.
i had major depression between age 15-28, healed with cbt. I do get emotional pain sometimes when a psychopath contacts me, but nothing like b4. I'd cry every day now maybe thrice the month and due to the psychos at a distance, I avoid them now. I am not very good with cluster A stuff, but could you describe it a bit more in detail.
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Nov 2021
United states
It all started in December of 2006, it started when at first when I started having trouble sleeping, and then I started having trouble eating I seemed to have lost my appetite over about a two week period and then I noticed that I was having trouble concentrating at work on my job. That went on for a few weeks then I started this slowed down effect, I t felt like some thing had sucked the energy out of me i had to force myself to do even the simplest things, like take a shower or do things that I used to enjoy like surfing the internet and reading, and I started to have to force myself to get motivated just to go to work. All these things persisted for about two months and I started having crazy thoughts, like thinking that if I fell asleep that I would die which resulted in me losing sleep and then I started having paranoid thoughts like thinking that everyone was talking about me and plotting against me. I had a panic attack at work because I thought demons were trying to take over by body. That’s when I went and checked myself into a psychiatric hospital the next day and it was then that I was diagnosed with psychotic depression.