How do you control life's speed?

Mar 2020
In my earlier post I explored that life's speed needs to be controlled.

Somehow every night you have to stop.

And every morning you have to be as fast as humanly possible.

I tend to be very slow off the block and accelerate very fast by the time to go to bed. Then I have to kill all my speed gain so I can get some rest.

My uncle doesnt do this. He goes and goes until he's out and he sleeps and sleeps till he's better.

I work in the morning and I often just flake out cause the job has become more of a paid hobby, and the money isn't good enough to even be worth it.

If I could be fast off the block, I would probably get even faster and faster through out the day at a more increasing rate, and somehow I would have to sleep at night.


Also when I talk to different people I have to somehow be not scary but not happy. Or not talk to anyone.

All these mechanisms go haywire all the time. And I want to have a science behind it.

I was not an endurance runner in highschool. I was a sprinter.

Endurance is a mystery to me.

Why take time if you can just get the job done? Isn't that stealing from your boss to slow down just to fill the hours?

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