How come that nerds are smart despite being addicted to these forms of entertainment?

Feb 2021
New Jersey, USA
One stereotype I heard about what people would call as 'socially awkward nerds' is that 'nerds' like these two separate and different groups of interests.

The first group of interest is the STEM academics group. They are generally a group of very mentally difficult academics that 'nerds' are known to have great expertise on. They are:
  1. Science
  2. Engineering
  3. Technology
  4. Mathematics
The second group of interest that 'nerds' are known for being passionate consumers of are these specific forms of entertainment. They are:
  1. Video games
  2. Animation
  3. Comics
  4. Table top games
  5. Fantasy genre
  6. Science Fiction genre
  7. Action genre
  8. Superhero genre
  9. Horror genre
  10. Violent thriller genre
Now I am wondering if this is true. How come that 'nerds' are great practitioners of STEM academics but are also passionate consumers of the group of entertainment forms that I mentioned such as video games, comics, cartoons, etc.?

The reason why I am wondering is because the group of entertainment forms that I mentioned such as video games, comics, cartoons, etc. are often widely known to impair one's expertise and learning in Science, Mathematics, Technology, and Engineering. For example, letting your addiction to video games, anime, fantasy, etc. consume your life will eventually make you develop a slacker habit and impair your ability and focus on learning Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology.

Is this stereotype of 'nerds' true? Does this 'nerd' archetype even exist in real life? Or could it be that the socially awkward one who is a genius in Science, Mathematics, Technology, and Engineering is actually a completely separate and completely different person from the socially awkward one who is a passionate addicted consumer of video games, comics, science fiction, fantasy, anime, etc.?

What do you think? What is the psychology behind this? How do the so called 'socially awkward nerds' function psychologically? I am wondering cause I am not what people would stereotype as a 'socially awkward nerd'. I am a normal track and field athlete who has many friends. I am bad at Math and have zero interest in video games, anime, comics, etc. I Don't get me wrong. I am not judging people who are 'nerds'. I am just curious. Please help me.
Mar 2021
Somewhere in the world we know
You're right to wonder how a nerd can be both academically smart plus boringly studious and yet spend notorious amount of time in slacking around. From what I understand, group 1 and 2's qualities cannot be the same person.The second group looks more like it describes more of what "geeks" are. What do geeks and nerds have in common? They are both obsessed with tech. If I didn't know any better I'd say they're only into tech as an excuse to hide from the world lol like give them a screwdriver and a system unit, or minecraft and its programming language, and they'll stay indoors for months! Jokes aside, both categories are generally antisocial but smart, however the latter group isn't very wise in my opinion, because they aren't very far-sighted when it comes to practical lifestyle choices. Therefore, nerds can be much more successful than geeks (unless they're the developers of "among us" or something). Geeks maybe into tech, but have more of 'street-smarts' when it comes to the world of Internet. They learn as they go along, unlike nerds who would rather read 250 page manual (just saying).

Please don't mind me asking this but, you don't archetype yourself as a "Jock", do you? I mean nobody's stopping you from that, its just jocks tend to be atheletic and not good at maths and science ya know cause they think that's "nerd stuff". I find American societal labels to be overrated, I'm not American, we don't have that kinda "class difference" I guess you could call it? Like the nerds and geeks are considered underdogs which is just downright cruel, while jocks are generally popular and can be bullies who are secretly jealous of the nerds and their grades (though I guess you're not like that, considering you're atleast trying to figure out nerds), and then there's idk cheerleaders? which I assume is a female gymnastic version of joc- you know whatever, goth, emo all those sterotypes.What would have made for an even more interesting discussion is why these stereotypes even exist? You seem like a smart dude, Why can't you be an Athelete AND a Mathelete? Why can't someone be pretty and have straight A's? Why can't a nerd spend most of thier time in studies, not be a party animal and still have friends?( I didn't miss your Question) Cause the society dictates you can't? pfff..that's a bunch of bull.

Coming back to the topic nerds and geeks can be social,they just have to choose to 'not bend' to societal archetypes. Honestly, I think its a good idea to adopt the desirable and useful qualities of each stereotype; to be as academically smart as a nerd, as tech-savvy as a geek, as active as a jock, as upbeat as a... cheerleader? (lmao is that all I could think of from that category) but you know what i'm saying right?

It's all about making sensible, unique choices. Humans don't blindly follow cultures/traditions/ ways of the past. Just because"This is how it's always been" doesn't mean it's how it should be. Maybe because I'm not from that kinda society so I don't really get how difficult it could be to .But I know that rebellion is difficult, it can be a lonely path. But if you're rebelling for a genuinely good cause, then it's worth it. And if others don't want to be someone's friend because they choose to be different from the rest or they're not predictable anymore, then they aren't friends in the first place, just insecure people who only liked someone for their status.

btw, Fate dictated that I be a biomed-engineering student, so I'm supposed to be into all those STEM academics plus bio. I definitely don't consider myself dumb, but when it comes to my field of studies, I'm not exactly "academically smart" yet either, simply because i'm not into maths like i'm into other stuff, like biology and psychology, that sorta sciences.I like video games and I want to learn how to make those.I enjoy bicycling, running and other sports too. What I'm trying to say is, even if I am able to get good grades in maths, it's not gonna make me a nerd (antisocial person who is stereotypically assumed to lock themselves up in a room and study all the time), it'll just make me good at math. Simply, because I refuse to be Labelled. I want to be the best version of myself, and stereotyping myself or letting myself be sterotyped isn't gonna help me figure out who I really am, independent of others.

I know I've said a lot more than needed. But I hope atleast some of it might be useful.
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