How are your stereotypical nerds or geeks made?

Feb 2021
New Jersey, USA
How will nerd culture or geek culture look like if these nerdy hobbies listed below never existed? Would there still even be a nerd culture? Would the stereotypical nerds or geeks even exist?

These are the list of nerdy entertainment hobbies I am talking about:

1. Video games
2. Comics
3. Cartoons
4. Fantasy genre
5. Science Fiction genre
6. Superhero genre
7. Horror genre
8. Martial Arts genre
9. Pre modern pre gun powder warfare genre

Now I am wondering if the non existence of these listed nerdy hobbies would contribute to young toddlers who have the potential to be stereotypical nerds in becoming more social, strong willed, manly, outgoing, into physical sports, parties, and sex. Would the non existence of these listed nerdy hobbies contribute to rapid decreasing of social awkwardness, timidness, introversion, and lack of awareness of one's personal appearance to the public?

What do you think? What are the psychological and sociological factors that contributes to the making of your stereotypical nerd or geek?
Mar 2021
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Coincidentally stumbled over another post of yours after replying to the 23rd Feb one.
Yes I do think that, had there not been any of these indoor form of entertainment, then, theoretically speaking, a child could learned to find amusement outside the home. Humans are interesting in that they not only have needs like hunger, thirst but they also need some kind of mentally challenging activity on a regular basis, more so than other creatures. Most people choose to find that need is met in relating with other people, especially communcating with them. Also, what all the activities have in common is that there is something rewarding in them (having goals, achieving goals, reaching higher levels, relaxation etc). Hence, there is the concept of Heaven, a place where all needs are accomodated without one having to lift a finger, such that one attains everlasting peace ( which is what mankind is really after). But that's another topic.

Since all above stated forms of entertainment are Indoors, those who become addicted to these tend to stay at home most of the time. Awkwardness, timidness, introversion are a result of this. However, "lack of awareness of one's personal appearance to the public " may likely apply to a nerd, but it might not neccessarily apply to a geek. As i implied in the reply on the other post, nerds tend to spend as much of their time in studies as possible, hence they see concern for one's appearance as trivial. Geeks can also be unconcerned about their looks, like if they've been gaming consecutively for days, but they do care about being cool and doing cool stuff (to them that's anime and what not). I find that nerds tend to care even less about their image than geeks ( which is okay in my opinion, although I think the myth that nerds don't even take time to shower, is most likely wrong cause it makes no freaking sense).

The fact is that nerds especially, worry about how they're going to get a well-paying job in this over-populated, extremely competitive world. Therefore, what they cannot get with brawns, they overcompensate for with brains. So that's another of the few sociological factors that make for a typical nerd. And geeks? I don't really get geeks. I feel like maybe those kids who are naturally quiet might have intially been labelled as a "weirdo" or "antisocial" ( I do not support this), so then they discovered video games or pokemon cards or whatever and they decided hey, who needs friends when you got a playstation by your side? And maybe they grew up to find more people like them to play with or watch anime with, then they have all the comforts they might not have had initially, so why would they leave this stereotypical status?

Also, i find that if parents keep on scolding their kid and constantly order them to do something they are not interested in, they tend to become stubborn, and eventually immune to their scoldings. Say, if some Dad frequently orders their kid to mow the lawn instead of playing video games (and by the father's behavior towards lawn mowing, the kid has deduced that it's a burden or something no one likes doing) then the kid is more likely to continue playing video games at clubs or stuff even his console has been confiscated by the parent for not complying to the given orders (the kid might think "If he won't let me play fortnite at home, then I'll just have to play at my friend's place" or something like that). Also, parental pressure regarding their kid's career choice can cause the kid to focus too much on studies only, hence making a nerd out of him.

Anyways, those were the few factors I could think of at the moment. Fascinating subject though.
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