How Are We Able To Remember Dreams From Deep Sleep?

Nov 2020
Can someone explain to me why dreams come into memory after sleeping like a rock?. It looks interesting to recall vivid pictures and events that occurred in your dream.
Mar 2020
I see no one posted on your post. I don't really know. But I can tell you that your dreams come from your subconscious reactions in your brainstem, which are always awake. The fact that rapid eye movement occurs means your parietal lobe is also active. This means dreams are basically hallucinations in the brainstem and parietal lobes. Maybe this can help.

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Nov 2020
For about a year I kept a dream journal, and in 1980 I met my wife to be. We both kept dream journals for about one year. We compared our dreams finding much of our new relationship within our journals. These were encouraging. Now with Covid 19 upon us we Are both dreaming of being in a building with many rooms and we can’t get out. This morning I dreamed I was caught suddenly in a motel with 4 floors. We had taken in a suit of rooms? On the top floor? I was at the end taking myself yo the front desk to check out of this bazar place, and became trapped with no way back to our rooms, trapped on an Elevator going only to the 3rd floor with no door open to our rooms. I panicked thinking About the homes we had owned together and found no way to return. I then woke up ! I am 69 with what ahead of us. The dream was startling and now I think of my own death ahead of me, and what will become of us! And, of course, Covid 19 never ending, trapped in our own home with no way out!

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