Mar 2020
I've been fighting extreme hormonal imbalance my whole life on both sides of the spectrum. From puberty to age 20 I was horribly ashamed of my hormones. From 20 to 24. I had sex every night. From 24 to 28 I had no hormonal reactions at all. I don't even remember those years but I made a lot of money. From 28 to 32 I had an extreme porn addiction. Now I'm feeling very dry and it seems I'm entering back into the non hormone 4 year pattern.

Are hormones any good at all? Do hormones affect memory? Or do they just make people want to kill and rape?

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Jul 2021
Hypersexuality is very common across the autistic population that also dreams of being a psychopath for some reason, nevertheless all living beings have hormones, and it does not impact their life-longevity in any way. Therefore I don't really understand what is the question. Why would hormones be bad? It is also very common across bipolars, that are generally very reckless people as a consequence of the maniac episodes.

Psychopaths rape but that is a different kind of mindset, that you wouldn't understand, as you wouldn't believe the reason why psychopaths act the way they do. The psychopath is dumb basically and not in control of the self, because is too dumb to be in control of the self, that's the real reason why psychopaths are psychopaths.

Rape is a really dumb thing to do, if you think about it. If you were smart you would be able to have sex like most people, that are average intelligent, but the psychopath lacks that basic intelligence.

I am sorry to disappoint you, but you have been misinformed about psychopaths being intelligent, they are not. I understand it is difficult to believe but that is what a psychopath is. The psychopath is incapable of basic understanding as the psychopath has never thought in the lifetime. Imagine someone who doesn't think of anything other than to harm others, and you have the idiot that is also known as "psychopath", except some people have made movies about psychopaths being this and that mind, really they are a bunch of retarded losers who blame their stupidity on the rest of the world and are a waste of time for those who actually want to compete with the galapagos tortoise and the greenland shark and drag the human species towards the future, the psychopath is a hindrance to everyone else, and that is why I cannot excuse them at all.
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Aug 2021
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Are hormones any good at all? Do hormones affect memory? Or do they just make people want to kill and rape?
I am not sure what you are referring to when you reference hormones, hormones are necessary for all of us to function properly. When our hormones get out of balance one way or the other (too high or too low) it affects us negatively. It may range from physiological symptoms to psychological symptoms or both. You may need help from a medical physician to get your hormones in proper balance...
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Oct 2021
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