Hi !

Jul 2014
New York City
Hey !

I'm from New York City. I am exploring the idea of changing my career path and pursuing a Ph.D. in Psychology with specialization in Health Psychology. I am very passionate about the field and have been researching and exploring the idea for over a year now. But there comes a time where you do it or leave it and I feel I am at this point. I have an M.A. from a non-related field ( Art History) and have been working on a Ph.D. for a year now, but recently discovered that I am not very passionate about the topic and the field anymore and prefer immersing myself in Psychology and Health related text books instead.

However, I feel overwhelmed by programs and possibilities and would love to connect with individuals who can dispense some constructive advice and opinions. Please do read the thread I opened up in "academic guidance" where I am explaining my questions and concerns in more detail.

I'd appreciate lots of feedback and hope to help out with opinions and advice here and there myself!

Lovely to e-meet you all!!