Hi There, What Do You Think?

Jun 2020
Hi, I am Baven from Malaysia. Nice to meet you.

Below is a scenario I face occasionally:
  1. While awake and conscious, suddenly Jill acts strangely by suddenly telling Susan about the greater things in life.
  2. Susan is unsure if Jill is being normal or unusual.
  3. After the incident is over, Susan talks to Jill about it, and Jill responses with having no recollection of the incident.
What happened to Jill during the incident? So far the answers I've gotten are thought-block and delusion. I don't think they are the answer. What do you think?
Aug 2020
Seems a dream while your are awake.
A sort of thinking trying to explain other realities.

I Think I will let to flow all these thoughts . Simply acceptation.