Hello! My name is Rob

Nov 2020
I’m a psychology major, and once in a while I like opinions on things that are hard to find by Googling. Example: My wife has a 10 year girlfriend that I’ve only talked to a handful of times since we’ve been together (2 1/2 years), and her and her husband were supposed to come to our party on halloween......and out of the blue her husband texts my wife a pic of a guy wearing a speedo type jump suit, saying he’s going to wear this to our party. This guy has only met me twice, has not texted my wife anything since we’ve been together, but does know my wife through his wife and worked with my wife two years ago. I found this inappropriate, but my wife sees him as socially awkward and this was his attempt at funny, and would not create a boundary with him on this kind of thing....thoughts?
Mar 2020
The guy might or might not have considered that a flirt. Technically it was a flirt.

You can blame your own proffession for eliminating anxiety and encouraging global whoredom.

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